Through the doors of Costa Coffee

I went in to the Catford Costa one Wednesday afternoon after a long (and rather stressful!) days shopping on Oxford Street.  I must say, a good cup of coffee welcomes people from every walk of life through the door.

I saw two teenage girls who came for a lunch time gossip, both of completely different cultural origins. They were sharing a slice of carrot cake and indulging in an iced frappe each, smothered in cream and chocolate sauce.

They sat for 2 hours in deep conversation; taking selfies and laughing until their stomachs hurt. A moment passed where the conversation even turned serious and it looked like they were confiding in each other.

After a last little nibble of cake each, off they went linked arm in arm to enjoy the rest of their Wednesday afternoon.

#Costa is a place for friendship...

There was another woman, just by herself, who simply came to have a little mini bakewell tart and a nice frothy cappuccino! She carried no bag, no jacket and had no phone - just sat in her own thoughts. Once she finished her coffee and mini treat, she simply went on her way.

#Costa is a place for one to take some time out...

There was a guy who seemed to be a bit nervous; looking around for the best looking seat and a plug socket to make sure his phone was on charge. He was skyping what seemed to be a long distance lover.

After the nervous first few minutes, he sank into his big arm chair, smiled loudly at the phone and got lost in the land of love!

#Costa is a place to connect...

I saw a little girl, no older than 5 and her Dad sitting on a small table by the window. They were both enjoying interactive games on the iPad and being ever so playful as she sipped on a fruit juice and he had a refreshing cup of green tea!

#Costa is a place for bonding...

Finally, I saw a young girl who looked like she was studying; laptop out, folders open and pen liberally tapping the table. She had a latte to drink and then ordered another 2 in the space of an hour! (Guessing the coffee kick with a smooth taste was needed!)

#Costa coffee is a place to zone out...

All in all, Costa is a place that welcomes all walks of life. With a warm and cosy ambience, rich and tasty products, it’s the perfect place to be!




Sophie Millington is a marketing professional, writer and performing arts fanatic. Working for Altitude London as a marketing executive, Sophie has responsibility for marketing for the ALTITUDE GROUP retail brands which includes Reels Millbank. Follow Sophie on Google Plus: