The Story of Spook Week

Halloween is slowly but surely becoming a dying tradition. Parents won’t let their kids out to go trick or treating as the streets are becoming much more dangerous. Kids seem to grow up way to fast nowadays and would rather play on their IPads or flick through facebook instead of dressing up begging for sweets!

However, last week we had “Spook Week” at Reels Millbank - trying to keep this tradition alive and create some spooktastic dishes to make a working lunch that little bit more exciting.

The venue was decorated in all things Halloween along with costumed staff to go with it - carefully chosen by the Marketing team of course!

We had a 5 Day Spooky Menu which surprisingly, I found very easy to create.

Thursday was the 'Wrap of Death' which was a very tasty and spicy burrito.

And the round off the week on Friday, we couldn’t resist the famous 'Pumpkin Pie.' This was homemade and fabulous, served with the creamiest of vanilla ice cream, topped off by half price drinks and a pumpkin carving competition!

Sadly, no-one was up for the competition which goes back to my point of the dying tradition but nevertheless, the half price drinks went down a TREAT and everyone got together in Reels Millbank until the late hours of 11pm!

It was a successful week, with tweets from tenants of the Millbank Tower being very impressed by their coffee ordering service being delivered by a Halloween nun! 

Tomorrow marks BONFIRE NIGHT and all things toffee apple and snuggly.

Be safe tomorrow, wrap up warm and enjoy the fireworks show.

Check out the list of fireworks shows going on in London tomorrow here. 



Sophie Millington is a marketing professional, writer and performing arts fanatic! Working for Altitude London as a marketing executive, Sophie has responsibility for marketing for the ALTITUDE GROUP retail brands which includes Reels Millbank. Follow Sophie on Google Plus:

Monday we saw the 'Flesh and Blood Sandwich' which was basically a delicious meat with anything red in it.

Tuesday was the 'Spooky Salad' which was really spicy chicken, teamed with a very colourful salad – this was a big seller and makes a refreshing change from the usual bland salads that are sold out there.

Wednesday was the 'Spooky Squash and Chilli Soup' served with fresh bread which was by far the favourite. Everyone likes a good soup when the Autumn leaves start to fall and with a kick of spice, it was a great cold curer too!