Altitude CEO Gives Charities a £500,000 Christmas Gift for 2016

The founder and CEO of leading event venue provider Altitude London have announced a substantial grant for charities in 2016.

Justin Etzin has confirmed a £500,000 grant to Charities to allow them to utilise free venue space at any of Altitude London venues to hold an event throughout 2016.

To qualify for this grant, the charity must raise awareness to help alleviate human suffering, global hunger, global warming or protect and clean our oceans. So far, the gift has been a success with many charities getting in touch with the London office following the launch on social media.

Commenting on the announcement made via the companies Facebook page, he said “Supporting charities has been an important aspect of Altitude London since the venue launched. We want to encourage charities to utilise this grant to help them with fundraising events and other activities that will help increase the donations they receive this year.”

Charities can take advantage of Altitude London’s nine venues located in the Grade II listed Millbank Tower which can accommodate 20-1000 guests offering something for every event. The Millbank Media Centre on the ground floor is a versatile space with its own digital cinema and outdoor terrace, whilst SKYLOFT is a popular warehouse style venue with exposed reclaimed brickwork and wooden floor. In contrast Altitude 360 offers a modern, bright and highly original space with our famous 360° views of the capital.

If you are an eligible charity that could benefit or know of any charities, please get in touch by emailing Charlotte Houlihan at  or by calling 020 7592 7618.

For more information about the venues please visit


Notes to Editors

Since 2008 Altitude London has been a renowned market leader in ultra-modern venues, exceptional events and impeccable service in London. With nine very unique venues located over three very different floors of the grade ll listed Millbank Tower, Altitude benefits from excellent transport links and our enviable position close to some of the capital's most famous landmarks.

Altitude London delivers state-of-the-art technology with wireless IT services, an unobtrusive multi-zone sound system and twelve 60-inch plasma screen televisions that can be used for presentations and live video feeds.

The 360° view makes Altitude one of London's undisputed premier venue spaces, with the most iconic backdrop the Capital has to offer.

Address: Altitude London, Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP

Reservations: (0)207 129 8028

Events:(0)845 500 2929

Twitter: @AltitudeLondon


Caffeine Kick Crisis

As the mornings get darker and the days get colder, there’s nothing we crave more than a cup of hot coffee and most of all, a big caffeine KICK!


However, you need to be aware of just how much caffeine is in your daily cup of coffee and how much of these you are consuming throughout the day. In my opinion, you only really need one cup of coffee a day to give you the fuel you need. 

You can actually SAVE MONEY by swapping sizes or switching to getting your coffee from Costa as opposed to the other high street brands.

Mail online results show that Costa coffee has the most caffeine at a whopping 185mg. Starbucks coffee however, retails at the most expensive at £2.60 for a medium yet has the second to least amount of caffeine in it at just 75mg – only 4mg off of a £1.49 McDonald's one. Crazy!

Get your money’s worth and rather than buy several coffees a day that have such a small amount of caffeine (for a high price) why not opt for 1 or 2 maximum a day where you get a genuinely worthy caffeine kick and most of all, save lots of £££!

However, it could be argued that some people don’t want that much caffeine in their daily coffee and that the high levels scare them, so they would rather get a dozen much lower caffeine coffees a day. Although I say,

"Why waste all your money on several expensive cups of basically 'hot brown water' with not a substantial amount of caffeine in it at!?" 

Be savvy with your cash and get the caffeine hit when you actually need it; morning and mid afternoon. If it’s a good coffee then you won’t need to keep your caffeine kick topped up several times a day! If it’s a hot drink you crave, switch to a nice fruit tea which has natural sugars for your energy levels or if you really really crave the 'C hit' – why not switch to a cup of breakfast tea which has around 50mg of caffeine in. It’s not too much to get you buzzing but it’s a nice amount to keep you ticking!

Check out the Costa Coffee drinks menu here


Sophie Millington is a marketing professional, writer and performing arts fanatic! Working for Altitude London as a marketing executive, Sophie has responsibility for marketing for the ALTITUDE GROUP retail brands which includes Reels Millbank. Follow Sophie on Google Plus:

Christmas at Costa

Today marks the launch of the festive cups from Costa Coffee at Reels. These were actually launched on the 5th November officially in all Costa stores and now we finally have them along with a huge Christmas tree, so the festivity can begin!

Christmas at Costa is set to be a big one this year with Costa saying, 

“Our irresistible seasonal range is back and with more delights than ever before!”

Just to name a few warming Winter wonders Costa has this year for us to indulge in:

If like me, you are a latte lover (with a sugar free vanilla shot), then the Gingerbread and cream latte is the one for you. This comes teamed with a bitesize gingerbread man sitting in a mountain of cream dusted with sparkles. Okay, the calories are a little over my daily intake, but it’s 'CHRISTMAS' and drinks like these only come around once a year so it’s perfectly acceptable! (for November...)

Next we have the Caramel fudge hot chocolate, which comes with a Belgian chocolate lattice carefully placed over a bed of caramel fudge sauce dusted with chocolate shimmer – the way the lattice melts in to the fudge looks divine! A little ‘over the top’ with the flavours and could potentially be a little sickly so I would suggest getting a small.

Salted caramel cappuccino is one I haven’t tried yet. I’m not keen on the ‘salted’ part but I know that salted chocolate is a big hit at the moment (looking at their festive food range), so maybe if I try I will be converted? Although I tried Cadbury's salted caramel fingers and can't ever see me being converted, but nevertheless, this drink is a traditional espresso blended with salted caramel flavour syrup, topped with frothed milk and dusted with chocolate shimmer power. I have come to realise that shimmer and sparkle are the biggest lovers of Christmas!

The hot chocolates aren’t done yet – Costa has two more chocolate delights for us. The first one is the Black forest hot chocolate which is basically a remake of black forest gateau but in drink form (in my opinion!) made with a shot of blackberry flavour syrup, an abundance of whipped cream, cherry sauce and a sprinkle of dark Belgian chocolate curls. Surprisingly, this one has no sparkle, but the chocolate curls definitely make up for it!

The last hot chocolate on the festive menu is the White hot chocolate. This is topped with a mound of cream and cherry sauce. A little different from the usual but tastes wonderful.

Costa also has two more lattes; Tiramisu latte and a Sticky toffee latte and a Christmas tea and Mulled winter fruits. My aim is to try all of these drinks before Christmas. It helps that I have a Costa Coffee at my work place (Reels) and across the road from my house, so there’s no excuse! Plus the fact that my ‘nights out’ are slowly turning into ‘nights in’ so even more of a reason to grab a coffee and snuggle up in my PJ’s watching xfactor!

Check out the new festive food range too – my favourite 'sweet treat' is the Little treats chocolate and orange log due me being a super big fan of these particular flavours together (Terry's chocolate orange at Christmas!) and for the savoury snack, it has to be the Pigs in blankets panini – if Christmas has no pigs in blankets, it’s no Christmas at all!

To round off this Costalicious post, make sure you are signed up with them to enter their ’12 days of Christmas’ advent calendar, packed with games, competitions, prize draws and special offers. I’ve already entered for the past 2 days and I will continue to enter every day for the love of coffee (and free things!)


Sophie Millington is a marketing professional, writer and performing arts fanatic! Working for Altitude London as a marketing executive, Sophie has responsibility for marketing for the ALTITUDE GROUP retail brands which includes Reels Millbank. Follow Sophie on Google Plus: